International Social Entrepreneurship Program

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Executive Education Program for Global Social Entrepreneurs through online coaching.

Kaushalam Institute for Technolgy and Social Entrepreneurship

Come learn the A to Z of launching a successful Not-for-profit social enterprise because failure is not an option!

The stakes are always high when you choose entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship just magnifies the stakes by several levels.

As a social entrepreneur, you often face resistance from different corners – buyers, government bodies, financers, suppliers, and even the middlemen. Yet overcome the odds you must.

Whatever your social mission/ cause, it’s a failure will impact just not you and your team, but potentially thousands of disadvantaged people who would otherwise have benefited from your social enterprise.

And so, if you aspire to be a social entrepreneur, you must be extremely well prepared.

The KITSE Social Entrepreneurship Program© will empower you to do just that.

If you seek to make a social or ecological change, look for an innovative solution to a social problem, or start an enterprise based on ethical functioning, this 10-week online social entrepreneurship program is for you. Our goal is to enable you to create a sustainable social enterprise that benefits the entire ecosystem of stakeholders.

Designed by entrepreneurs and highly experienced American business school researchers and professors, the KITSE Social Entrepreneurship Program integrates experience, research, and academic knowledge.

Social Entrepeneurship

Failure is not an option! Learn the A to Z of creating a Not-for-profit social enterprise. Our goal is to enable you to create a ‘sustainable social enterprise’ that benefits the entire ecosystem of stakeholders.

Social Sustainability

How to keep your social enterprise afloat and sustainbale for 100 Years? Tools. Technology and processes to implement.

Customer Discovery!

How to discover the customer and identify the potential problem accurately? Learn the framework of successful global social enterprises.

Course Curricullum

10-weeks, hands-on-learning on social entrepreneurship through: Customer discovery interviews, Interactions with eminent people from the social entrepreneurship sector, Group assignments, Course participation, and Internship.

Dive into The Deep End

Entrepreneurship can be brutal –competitors and detractors are waiting in the wings to devour changemakers (a.k.a You). That is why we have every intention to throw you at the deep end of the pool from the start.

Leadership Training

Become empowered by learning from the experts during this hands-on 10-week classroom coaching. Made available online and attested by a global institute and certified.

The Instructors

Dr. Richard Berman

Associate VP of Strategic Initiatives, Research, and Innovation and Former Dean of Patel School of Global Sustainability | University of South Florida, USA

Kunal Jain

Harvard Business School Alumni. University of South Florida Alumni in Global Social entrepreneurship., Healthcare Entrepreneur, CEO of PracticeForces (U.S.) and Elite Offshore Resources (Jaipur, India), Founder Son of India and Kaushalam Foundation (U.S. and India, not-for-profit)

“We have limited time, and will push, challenge, and question you in hopes you will learn quickly. we will be direct, open and tough - just like the real world"

Kunal jain

Course Details

  • Case Studies
  • Course Material
  • Video Presentations
  • Networking with Top CSR Professionals


$ 999
  • Case Studies
  • Course Material
  • Video Presentations
  • Networking with Top CSR Professionals
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